Advent's Consulting Services

When was the last time someone reviewed your phone bills?

Advent Communications provides consulting services that can help you save money!  Some of our services include:

  1. Dial Tone & Internet Service Assessments

  2. Complete Telecom Assessment: Phone Systems/ Maintenance Contracts

  3. Professional Telecommunications Consulting: We negotiate on your behalf with your current provider.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I receiving the discounts & credits I deserve?

Do I have a Long Distance plan that is overkill compared to my needs?

Do I have the right phone equipment to handle the office call traffic?

Is my staff using the phone equipment in a way to reflect a positive image for my business?

If your answer is NO to any of the above questions, then Advent Communications can help!  Advent Communications, Inc. is offering local businesses an opportunity to cut expenses on their local, long distance and internet services WITHOUT  the hassle of changing providers!  We use our consulting expertise in the telecommunications industry to provide a thorough analysis of your telephone services.  We verify you are receiving the most economical plan with the proper discounts and credits offered.  We are paid through a small percentage of your monthly SAVINGS!


  1. Reduce expenses without reducing services!

  2. Save Time!

  3. Be able to reinvest your savings to build your business!

  4. Get an unbiased,  professional consultant to work on your behalf!

Contact Advent Communication today!



"**Advent Communications, Inc. is not affiliated with Nortel Networks, Avaya Technologies, or other manufacturers of the equipment listed above. All brand names and products are trademarks of their respective companies. All warranties offered on these products are valid only thru Advent Communications, Inc.**"